Extreme Gasoline 3HP

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Extreme Gasoline 3HP

The Low Pressure range is distinguished by its high quality standard. Without lubrication and designed for long life even under the toughest conditions. For over 30 years, Nardi Compressors produces these compressors, receiving feedback always more exciting.

FEATURES:Lightweight and portable, suitable for any use also burdensome for many applications

APPLICATION FIELDS:Mechanical and pneumatic, painting, sports and motorsports applications, applications on vehicles, boats, trains, buses

ACCESSORIES:Different applications require different modes of application accessories. Configurable and customized.

  • الفئة : ضواغط هواء ومستلزماتها
  • نوع ضاغط الهواء : ضواغط هواء ضغط منخفض

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