Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

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Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

EGYPTROL provided operations & maintenance (O&M) services to EPC Contractors during power plant projects execution, up to turning over the plant to owner’s O&M team. We offer a wide range of O&M services, including complete turnkey operation model or through Manpower Outsourcing. During executing our commissioning services to EPC Contractors, we start up and commission system by system, then operate and maintain each operating system to support the startup of other systems depending on it. At the end we become responsible for the O&M of the complete power plant, or the part of the plant that is under our client’s responsibility (such as Boiler, HRS

G, GT, ST, BoP, etc). This responsibility on the O&M extends through the plant “Test-In-Completion” phase, “Performance Test”, “Reliability Run” EPC contractual obligations. Finally the plant is turned over to the owner’s O&M team or O&M Contracto

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