Sulfuric Acid 98%

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Sulfuric Acid 98%
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Sulfuric acid is also known as Mattling acid or Oil of vitriol.

(Sulfuric Acid) H2SO4 Uses :

It is used in making fertilizers.

It is used in the production of steel and iron.

It is used in chemical manufacturing industries.

It is used in petroleum refining.

It is used to produce phosphoric acid.

It used as a cleaning agent in industries to remove the rust from steel and iron.

It is used as a catalyst to convert cyclohexanone oxime to caprolactam used to make nylon.

It is used in lead-acid batteries as an electrolyte.

It is used in making ammonium sulfate.

It is used in storage batteries.

  • Category : Chemicals and petrochemical products
  • Product status for trade : منتج للتصدير, منتج محلى
  • Product manufacturing : egypt
  • The ability to provide : 500 Ton
  • Less amount : 50 Ton
  • Transport : Determined by quantity

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