Medical Oxygen Flowmeter British Adapter

  • Elhekma Medical بائع معتمد
  • cairo, egypt
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Autoclavable with pressurized steam at 121 °C
Network type: English – German -French – American
Impact rate: from 0 to 15 l/min
Pressure range: up to 4.5 bar
All old metal parts are nickel plated brass.
Polycarbonate and polyamide plastic

All Metal Parts In Our Products Are Made Of Nickel-Plated Brass.
Plastic Parts Are Made Of Polycarbonate And Polyamide Shock Resistant Materials.
All Materials Used Are Autoclavable And Safe For Medical Use.
Our Products Are Certified By ISO 9001 Quality Certificate,
And ISO 13485 Certificate For Medical Devices.

  • Category : اجهزة طبية
  • product status : جديد
  • Product status for trade : منتج للتصدير, منتج محلى
  • Brand Name: BFO
  • Product manufacturing : egypt
  • The ability to provide : 5000
  • Less amount : 200
  • Transport : Determined by quantity

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