Fresh Sweet Potato from GO PLAZA

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  • cairo, egypt

Fresh Sweet Potato from GO PLAZA

Fresh Sweet potatoes are nutritious and delicious root vegetables.

Fresh Sweet potato Class A Egyptian Color: purple, white, orange Variety: Sweet potato Available from Jul to March Shape: Oval or elongated tuber Sensory: Firm, Crisp, Dry flesh, Texture free from foreign and off smells or tastes

About GO PLAZA for trading

GO PLAZA for trading. Offers the best solutions in the food service sector. The company has a clear vision to act as one of the best manufacturers in Egypt by achieving

  • Category : خضراوات
  • product status : طازج
  • Product status for trade : product for export
  • Brand Name: GO PLAZA
  • Product manufacturing : egypt
  • The ability to provide : 100 طن لكل شهر
  • Less amount : 24 طن
  • انواع الخضراوات : خضراوات اخرى

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2150 2450


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