calcium carbonate

  • osama samih
  • cairo, egypt
calcium carbonate
calcium carbonate
calcium carbonate
calcium carbonate

Natural, very fine, CALCIUM CARBONATE powder obtained
from high purity, very white limestone with the highesttechnology.
Used in exterior emulsion paints, industrial paints, adhesive, solvent based
And water based paints, paper and high gloss powder coatings, etc
CaCO3 99.20%
CaO 55.68%
MgO 0.01%
Fe2O3 0.03%
SiO2 0.12%
Al2O3 0.02%
L.O.I 44.15%
HCl insoluble content 0.20 %

  • Category : Chemicals and petrochemical products
  • product status : جديد
  • Product status for trade : product for export
  • Brand Name: calcium carbonate-caco3
  • Product manufacturing : egypt
  • Transport : Determined by quantity

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