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High pressure compressors for Natural Gas, Methane and Biomethane. From 3 to 36 m3 / h, maximum pressure up to 350 bar. Atex certification. Contact us for technical information.

Services & After Sale Support

We put much value on customer satisfaction also after the acquisition of your nitrogen or oxygen generator. We guarantee local technical support through qualified partners in your area or our technicians will travel directly to any installation location all over the world to ensure a correct plant installation, for commissioning and start-up and for training of your personnel.

We can also provide programmed maintenance packages, complete with services and spare parts.

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  • نوع ضاغط الهواء : ضواغط هواء صناعية

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تصنيع وتركيب أبواب الوميتال جرار قطاع حسب نوع القطاع ps او جامبو او تانجو وجميع الألوان والمساحات, حسب الطلب بأسعار ممتازة.

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